It’s a beginning for a big-inning

Pitching about Impact Leadership Academy at Le Meridian, Hyderabad

As I am writing this, I’m getting reminded of those days where I used to look at the branded stores thinking about, “when am I going to wear such good-looking formals with a blazer on them?”

First things First: I’m so grateful to God for being so gracious to me not just because of the blessings he showered on me but also because he was always with me during my times of struggles.

Now, going back to what I was writing above. Back in my college days, the tasks of making presentations as an amateur used to give me a lot of happiness but I was never satisfied because of the constant urge to do something great and impactful. Now standing in front of top-notch leaders in India and pitching business proposals is something astonishing!

Three things I always feel that everyone should have to become a better leader: PASSION, PURPOSE, AND PERSEVERANCE.

Having Passion that has a Purpose to raise the standards of not just selves but also the people around us produces unlimited potential in an individual. Why do I always bother or get concerned about people around me and their issues? Because I believe we can never feel satisfied enjoying alone my dear friend. Be it food, fun, or family. The only difference between a Leader and a Manager/Boss, or whatever you may call it, is that People love to follow a Leader’s habits, character, discipline, words and can go to any extent to translate their Leader’s vision into reality as he has a purpose attached to whatever he/she does. Moreover, people are drawn towards the leader because of the passion he/she works with. I think I don’t have to talk about the manager now(why do people bother about someone who isn’t bothered about them)

If only 50% of the perseverance existed in people of what they have while desperately trying to get a ticket for a long-awaited, newly released movie, so many of them would have become Thomas Alva Edisons. Then why do people give up? Ahh! It's not because they accept failure but they are forced to accept failure comparing themselves with someone better than them which actually robs their inner happiness making them feel empty inside.

Big questions to ask ourselves:

Do I still have that Passion, Purpose, and Perseverance with which I started my journey as a Leader on Day-1?

Do I still want to become a Manager or Leader?

Is it the lack of leadership in me or is it the lack of belief in the leader that I am going to become?

Hey! Thank you so much for your time. I’m a Teach for India fellow, teaching Life(Biology+Values) to 104 amazing and talented kids. Have a Great day :)